Why Not HOP to Totally Private Networking Now?


Silver Spring, Maryland, June 22, 2019 /

The CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK announced today that global beta testing has been completed for a fully functional alternative social network that does not profit from personal user data. The developers at CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK say they have unintentionally gone global based on responses from around the world. They are pleased with the initial response from individuals who upload on their mobile phone the chirp messenger super app.

CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK testers say the website  performs like their current Facebook social network. CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK is different because it lets users operate with the confidence of total data privacy.

CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK was created in response to widely reported dissatisfaction by some demographic groups who no longer go to the primary Facebook social network first for social communications. CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK Founder Ricardo De La Cerda, a long time programmer, understood these concerns. He decided to sponsor development of a new mobile social network for individuals and groups to communicate without feeling that someone was watching over their private lives. “I’m excited

to bring the CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK privacy first policy to social networking. People use their social network to document their lives. Many, however, feel cheated that their  personal data was compromised by Facebook. CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK enables anyone to ‘hop over’ to totally private networking now.”


People around the world use social networks such as Facebook to connect with friends and family plus people from their early lives all the way back to childhood. Now those people can enjoy the benefits of a new global social network as individuals and groups, both public and private, for all the same uses and reasons that they have come to expect. CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK does not track or collect every single click you make. CHIRP SOCIAL NETWORK guarantees that it can’t sell individual user data because individual user data isn’t saved for future use. CHIRP SOCIAL…HOP TO IT!

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